Anything to recommend for a visitor?

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No, Zurich is a dirt hole; no chicks at all.
If you nevertheless must go somewhere I’d recommend Club Aphrodisia or Club Globe (FKK).

what a charming guy he is - our ramon…
you allow me to ask you: do you have any problems with your eyes or do you stay at another place - could be in a spanisch town where the chicas are under arrest?

open your eyes and you can fly and much more…

You’re right. The post above wasn’t my best moment. Apologies.

Below a detailed report on Zurich which I posted a while ago in another Forum (under another name). I don’t live in Zurich anymore but believe it’s still accurate. I also made an effort to update it slightly and removed some recommendations which for various reasons don’t like to be rated on this forum. Hope you enjoy your time in Zurich!

  1. General information:
    The sex scene in Switzerland has improved a lot in the last years. While service used to be mostly poor and unmotivated 10/15 years ago, you can now get good to excellent service with attractive women at many places.

A majority of prostitutes are foreigners (e.g. Eastern Europe, South America, Thai, Germany) but there is also an increasing number of Swiss girls joining the business. As there is an oversupply of prostitutes in Switzerland, competition is quite rough for these girls. BBBJ and kissing have become a standard at many places. If you want intercourse without condom, go somewhere else! Fortunately, it’s not easy to get in Switzerland.

Prostitution is legal in Switzerland, but as anywhere else in the world it’s close to the criminal environment and a considerable number of foreign working girls work illegally.

As the general price level is high in Switzerland, don’t expect bargains. If you want half an hour of good sex you’ll have to pay 200 Fr. or more. For the quicky, 100 Fr. should be enough.

  1. Places to avoid:
    Avoid all cabarets (on Langstrasse or Niederdorfstrasse, or if it comes to that matter: avoid all cabarets in Switzerland)! These strip-clubs tend to be rip-offs. To get intimate with a girl you first have to pay her champagne and a bottle of champagne will cost you 150 Fr. or more. If you don’t take care, you’ve spent several 100 francs on champagne without any real benefit (except for a nice conversation and some kissing and fondling if you’re lucky). Most, if not all of these girls are available for more than champagne drinking but even a short session can be expensive and service can still be disappointing. If you absolutely must go to a cabaret, I recommend the Imperium ( on Stüssihofstr. 17 which is the classiest.

The city’s redlight district on Langstrasse is also generally to be avoided. The place is rather seedy and quality of service is generally worse than in the places described below. Still, it’s definitely safe to go there and the occasional pearl can be found for example in the restaurant/contact bar Sonne (Hohlstrasse 32).

The Colloseum (Assylstr. 64) claims to be the classiest studio in Zürich. This is a place for snobs, people who don’t know the scene in Zürich and/or people have tons of money to waste. You can get good service there, but you get just as good or better service in the places below for much less money.

  1. Places to go:

3a) Studios
The places below are some of my favorites. BBBJ and kissing can usually be expected if you behave well and don’t smell. All these places are clean and friendly.

  • Club Life (Neugutstr. 60, 8600 Dübendorf, With topshots like Sonja, Rahel, Melanie, Renate this was my top favourite for a long time! (Note: There may be other new topshots that joined Club Life recently. I haven’t been there for a while.) A bit outside of the city. Service starts at 240 Fr. for half an hour. The pictures of the girls on the website are real and there are many beautiful girls working there. The place has a bar where you can have a drink for free before you make your choice. Rooms are very nice, all with a jaccuzi and a shower.

In the unlikely case you don’t find anything you like at Club Life, there are 2 other clubs close-by which can also be recommended: Club La Boum (Neugutstr. 64,

  • Sweetgirls (Albisstr. 24, In a house full of brothels but high-class service. Valerie is great but also Saskia and Lali are worth one or several visits.

  • Club Aphrodisia (Stockerstr. 62, Sister club of Club Life and even more luxurious (and slightly higher prices).

  • Club Papillon (Albulastrasse 30, Some very nice and pretty latinas. You can get excellent service at a very good price. Personal top recommendation: Liliane (but she only works infrequently, you may also find her in Solarium Bermuda).

  • Solarium Bermuda (Hardaustr.5, Not my favourite but some very nice ladies with a good service. Good value for your money.

  • Melody’s Teenswear (Sihlfeldstr. 58, Not my pair of shoes but if teenies give you a kick, this is your place. BBBJ and kissing are not standard here (but you may still get it if you’re lucky).

3b) Party, FKK places
-Club Globe (Ifangstrasse 2, 8603 Schwerzenbach, Similar to FKK clubs in Germany. Some very pretty ladies giving excellent service (usually including french kissing and BBBJ) at a fair price (90.- entry, 120.- for service of 30 Minutes). One of the top favourites amongst readers of this forum.

  • Fantasyland Sakura (Märzenbühlstr. 14, 8102 Oberengstringen, A bit outside of the city. Very nice place with a pool and sauna. I used to go to their all-inclusive sex parties for 550 Fr. quite often a few years ago. At that time, there were some very nice girls working there which provided a good service (all covered, also BJ). If you want group-sex, this is not the place for you since action mostly takes place in discrete separees. However, there are still possibilities for exhibitionists. I haven’t been to Sakura in the last year. Prices were rather high before. However, they have been slightly lowered. All-inclusive cost for a party (Mon, Wed or Friday) are now 333 Fr. (limited) and 495 Fr. (unlimited time).

3c) Escorts

  • As I don’t use escorts in Switzerland I don’t have recommendations. Be warned, though that it isn’t cheap…

Thanks for all the info. Just one thing, if I did want to just watch a strip show where would you recommend? Seedy is OK (even good!).

Thanks again