Hallog Jungs,
kenn jemand diese Frau?
Würde gerne mehr über sie wissen…? Hat da einer schon Erfahrungen gemacht?

Unter Brantgasse 12 habe ich vor 2 Tagen meine Erfahrung mit Momo schriftlich niedergelegt.


Fake Pictures !

She’s 45 years old, but nice with big boobs (not real) !

She don’t like doogie, She’s like at work, difficult to see a

20 minutes = 100.- mit FM, 69, Verker und kleine Dusche.

Wiederholung : 5/10

See ya


PS : I saw OUI Thai Girl in Happy House, she’s old, no nice and the pictures are fakes !

You might be right, that the pics of Momo are fakes, but for OUI at Happy House, i don`t agree.
She looked very similar to the pics, but was a rather „scratchy chick“
For both Girls see also my posting under
„Brantgasse 12“ (If you can read enough German…)
Maybe they sold you DIM, instead of OUI.
Anyway you are right, also Happy House is an absolute No Go, since Nat left there.

Good luck